Attend practical one-day training on professional blogging

Attend practical one-day training on professional blogging and mobile money; learn how to develop and monetize premium blogs, how to blog like a pro, automate your blog to automatically posts your news to multiple facebook profiles, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, and how to start your own mini bank, as mobile money agent start issuing and funding ATM cards for people, do funds transfer, bill payments like DSTV/GoTV, Startimes, internet subscription, PHCN bills, recharge card printing, etc
When it comes to a lifestyle-friendly business, blogging appears to have it all. You get to work from home, focus on a topic of interest and share your creative talents. No company registration, corporate accounts, office space, office equipments or staff needed to take off. All you need is a mindset, ability to learn, a laptop computer, tab or even a phone!

Date: 10am Saturday 2nd April 2016
Venue: Potech Ltd. 20 Adeniran Ogunsanya, Surulere Lagos
Fee: N10,000
WhatsApp/SMS/Call: 08027196002

It's possible to earn 24 million naira a year, as a blogger, at $274 (N65,760)/day or $100,000.00 (N24,000,000.00)/year at $0.25 CPC, from Google AdSense through your blog. However, you'll need approximately 100,000 unique visitors to your blog at 1% CTR, which gives you about 1,000 clicks/day.

To be honest, only established bloggers can achieve this. However, there are other faster and easier ways to earn from your blog... It would be part of what you'll learn from my blogging class this Saturday, as I will also share my own experiences on how I made over 100 million naira online within 12 months 

But can one really make good money as blogger?
Here's how much Linkda Ikeji charges for custom adverts on her blog:
Leader board (Header) - N1,500, 000 monthly
Sidebar ads (Top) - N600, 000 monthly
Sidebar ads (All site wide) - N500, 000 monthly
Sponsored posts - N50, 000 per post (If she posts it 10 times, you pay N50,000 times 10)
Page branding (background takeover) - N2,500,000 monthly

I have personally paid her huge sums of money in the last three years, for using her blog. The last time I advertised on her blog was in November when I was handling publicity for my late principal, Prince Abubakar Audu of blessed memories.
We were 25 people who paid N50,000 into her GTB/UBA accounts each, in a single day, just to have our articles/posts published on her blog. 

That's about N1,250,000 made in a single day, so don't be surprised if she floats her own bank next, having just bought and furnished a house with almost a billion naira!

At the end of the training, professional blogs and mobile money accounts shall be created for each participant, who will also be given every tool needed to jump-start their blogging and mini banking business + N100,000.00 club080.com vouchers for 1st 5 people to register and pay for the training.

Other giveaways to including:
  • 50,000 email addresses and 10,000 phone numbers you'll need to promote your newly launched blog and mobile money business - valued at N50,00
  • Effective article virus that will expire in the year 2038 for the security of your laptops/PC - valued at N25,800 
  • Professional image editing software - valued at $100.00
  • Application that will help you rewrite stories and articles copied from other blogs
  • Applications that helps you write articles from scratch to finish - all you'll need do is type in any subject/title, and the app will deliver a full article based on the typed subject.
  • Application that will help post articles and stories from your blog to your facebook, twitter and linkedIn accounts automatically on its own
  • How to automate your blog to post new articles/stories every 30 minutes or 1hour on its own - even those with tight schedules can now blog!
  • How to create a Google AdSense account, connect same to your blog, plus other ways to monetize your blog and earn cool income 
  • Additional videos that will teach you more would also be shared
  • You'll also be added to my mentorship group for further training, support and mentorship.
Date: 10am Saturday 2nd April 2016
Venue: Potech Ltd. 20 Adeniran Ogunsanya, Surulere Lagos
Fee: N10,000
WhatsApp/SMS/Call: 08027196002

You can also get your own professionally customized blog, if you are unable to attend the training at N10,000 for standard blog. Example: obeens.blogspot.com or N50,000 premium blog. Example: PhilipObin.com and we'll send you login details, documents and tutorials on how to manage your blog. Those paying for premium blogs also get FREE Android Mobile App as bonus, while those paying for standard blog can optionally get same Android Mobile App at a discounted price of N10,000

WhatsApp/SMS/Call: 08027196002

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  1. Please come to Abuja. We need this kind of seminars

  2. Please come to Abuja. We need this kind of seminars

  3. Please come to Abuja. We need this kind of seminars

  4. Please come to Abuja. We need this kind of seminars

  5. Give us answers please we really need to learn even if not for making money but at least to keep out memories intact. Thanks I live in Port Harcourt.

  6. It's a function of priority. People have attended my trainings from Ghana and Jos all the way.

    No one has extra time but if it's important to you, you'll make time and come down.

    I have traveled abroad for seminars. People do, and most times, the things you make sacrifice for, are the things you take seriously and the result is never same, compared to those who get same on a platter of gold.

    If you truly desire to take up a professional career in blogging, I see no big deal in traveling for this full day professional training which you'll hardly get elsewhere.

    Think about this. The era of blind and lucky bloggers is gone. Blogging is now highly specialised career and very competitive, so you must take it seriously and give it your best, if you must succeed at it

    But the choice is completely yours to work out and decide.

    We can also send you the training materials, build your blog and give you other benefits through email, if you can't make it down to the training.

    This costs same price of N5,000 for yourname.blogspot.com. example: www.obinphil.blogspot.com with free template or N20,000 for personalised/full domain like www.yourname.com with paid/premium template. Example: www.philipobin.com + you'll be added to my WhatsApp mentorship group, too, for further training and mentorship!

    What do you think?



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